Do you play basketball?

No, we decorate.  While some may consider our six foot plus frames a waste of height in our careers, we offer that, actually, our bodies were made for adding style to your sad little spaces. These stilts, we call “legs”, are perfect for hanging artwork without the added bulk of a step ladder, and our Go-Go-Gadget arms are ideal for modeling custom curtains.  For the sports fanatics shuddering, calm down; we didn’t evolve into the dynamic design team we are today without first paying homage to your world. We played volleyball in college, Texas A&M specifically. That’s where this enormous bond was formed. Back when most students were tackling complicated business courses and padding their resumes for the corporate world, we were eating pain and weakness for breakfast. And sure, most of those students are financially successful and in much better positions to survive an economic recession, but we are having a heck of a lot of fun dishing out a little creativity and are completely capable of standing for hours with a heavy chandelier above our heads.

styleheights in Lakeway, TX on Houzz

I know y’all have great…what’s the word?..creativity, and style, and y’all are tall.
-Kelsey and Trey Stanton, Lakeway, TX

Laura and Kelly farming out their next design inspiration