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Style Heights designers, Kelly and Laura, are not rookies when it comes to competition; the unlikely pair played collegiate sports together. However, stepping away from the comfort of a team environment to create individual mood boards for the Boho Challenge introduced a bit of uncertainty that the girls had not prepared for.
The instruction for the Boho Challenge was simple: Create a Bohemian themed living room. The only rule: you must use items that you can actually purchase.  It seemed pretty straightforward, but when Kelly and Laura went back to their corners, they felt awkward not being able to send ideas to each other or receive affirmation that their work was headed in the right direction.

I scrapped my first design after having almost finished it because I stepped back and realized that it looked like someone had slurped down a rainbow and then experienced spontaneous combustion in a living room. I had to tone it down. -Laura

When Kelly and Laura finally revealed their Boho living room choices to each other, they couldn’t believe what they saw. Watch the video to see their reactions and form your own opinion on their styles!

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bohemian chic style
Kelly’s Boho Chic Decor
chic bohemian decor
Laura’s Bohemian Style

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  1. The one on the right has a little more pop & the rug goes better!

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